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Real Passion


Fienfh Magazine January issue 2021

real passion

Photographer: Pablo Linde @linde86photography

Model: Florian Mulot @flomulot_model

Hair Stylist: Peluqueria Paula Alcaraz @salondebelleza_paulaalcaraz

Please give us a introduction about yourself

My name is Florian, I am 43 years old, I was born in France (Lagny-Sur-Marne) and spent 10 years in Canada (Moncton) before coming back to France (Néris-Les-Bains, in Auvergne region) for a while. 

I then decided to leave France to settle down in Spain in 2020. Translator by profession, I started as a model last year and I love it.

Why do you like your profession? It is one of the dreams that you wanted to achieve when  you were a child?

Being a model is above all learning to appreciate one's body and appearance and to cultivate it to give the best image of oneself. It is also a daily challenge where you have to constantly maintain your body, take care of yourself and reinvent yourself. 

It is a dream that I have always secretly maintained and which is today a reality.

What have you done to achieve this dream, or your profession?

I started shyly by taking pictures of myself, then I went to a professional photographer for a first photo shoot and to build my portfolio. I was then put in contact with an agency that represents me (Ecosse Models). 

Recently, I was published in your magazine, on the cover, and it is one of my greatest pride.

Where do you learn from others to help you to improve your profession?

I read a lot of fashion magazines, articles where models are highlighted and it is a great source of inspiration for me. Watching their career, their work, their evolution.

Give us some examples of the achievements that made you proud of.

Taking the first step is surely the hardest, and I am proud to have overcome my initial fears and shyness by doing my first photo shoot and sending my photos to magazines, including yours, and seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine and seeing all that effort pay off is the greatest reward.

People say that when a person gives up easily when others doubt their ability, what do you think?

It's easy to have doubts, especially when you don't have the support or approval of others, but in the end, the person whose opinion is most important is yourself. As long as you have dreams, you must go ahead and persevere, and always listen to your intuition, because it is what guides you.

Do you have any idols in your profession, or someone that you want to become?

To be honest, I don't have a particular idol. 

Each model is different and has its own qualities. I don't try to look like others, just to be myself and to give the best of myself.

As a model, how do you maintain a fit body? Do you do exercise?

I adopt, as much as I can, a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I exercise every day (abdominal exercises, push-ups, etc.) and I also walk.

Give us some inspiration about fashion, or what do you think about fashion?

Fashion is an integral part of our daily lives, without necessarily talking about haute couture houses or fashion shows, we all represent fashion in our own way. Fashion is the reflection of the society in a way.

Do you think that fashion is an important part of people’s daily routine?

As I said, we all represent fashion, in our own way. Fashion is represented by clothes, colors, different styles, makeup, hairstyles. Fashion is our daily life, it is an integral part of our existence.

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