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Out of The Blue


Fienfh Magazine January issue 2020

Out of The Blue

Wardrobe Stylist: Anna Varga   @laviedeannavargaFashion

Designer: Donovan Depass  @donovandepassMakeup

Artist: Philip PattersonMale

Model: Alexander Dominguez @Q Models, NYC  @staceyedward_

Male Model: Stacey Edward @Major Models NY  @Staceyedward_

Location: Gokhan Cakmak  @gknnyHair

Stylist: Fred Eker  @f1_fabio

Location: Marmara Park Avenue  @marmaranyc

Photographer: Carla Pivonski  @carla_pivonskiProduction

Assistant: Erkan Yavas @erkanyvas

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