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Fienfh Magazine March issue 2021


Photographer Lena Zashchitina @photolenza (

Creator Sasha Babikova @babikova_sasha 

Make up artist Sasha Babikova @babikova_sasha Assistant MUaH Irina Arkhipova @arkhipova.muah Model Valeria Polyakova @vellymrshl 

Stylist Liza Kraskovskaya @ah.thats.her 

Top @setme_design


Our project is dedicated to different angles and sides of what is called “being a real/ true woman”. We want to show that feminity can be found not in a outer attributes but in the open and loving heart, delicate intelligence, strong character and natural ability to have fun.

Each look is a different edge of feminity.

In first case there is feminity in openness and tenderness.

The second look is about being full of love and share it.

The third - about being smart and wise.

The forth look shows the power of spirit.

The fifth story is about ability to enjoy life and be happy.

And the last one shows the inner glow that lives in each woman.

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